Selected Projects

  1. Bullet2005-2007 ( Contribution to the EC(Nest Insight)-Project, ANTISTORM, “Anthropogenic Aerosols Triggering and Invigorating Severe Storms”; Outcome: “ANTISTORM provided one of the first insights into the science of 'man- made' weather in Europe. In fact, some weather phenomena may not be as natural as commonly thought. Recent studies suggested that man-made particulate pollution can substantially increase the severity of certain storms or even trigger their inception.”

  1. Bullet2007-2010 ( Contribution to the EU Framework 6 RTD Program, Integrated Project CIRCE,, Climate Change and Impact Research: the Mediterranean Environment.

  1. Bullet2010-2011 ( „BZ-Life“, Research collaboration of MPI-C, Mainz and Fraunhofer ISE (, Freiburg, with partner DWD, section Medizin Meteorologie, Freiburg.
    Investigation of potential degradation effects of proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells when exposed to stationary atmospheric air pollution.

  1. Bullet2012-2014 ( Contribution to the ERC Advanced Research Grant, FP7/European Research Council C8-Project,

  1. Bullet2015–2016 ( PMAp2 product validation of MPI-C, Mainz for EUMETSAT ITT 15/210839,, Darmstadt – Comparison of Metop PMAp Version 2 AOD Products using Model Data;

    New: Validation Reports:
    - Comparison of Metop - PMAp Version 2 AOD Products using Model Data
    - Polar Multi-Sensor Aerosol Product Validation Report

    All technical documents available from:

  1. Bullet2015–2018 ( Contribution to the H2020-EINFRA-2015-1, Energy oriented Centre of Excellence (EoCoE), DNI forecasting, Optimal operation of Concentrated Solar Power under Weather Uncertainty for the Solar Power Plant Facility of the Cyprus Institute, Pentakomo, Cyprus.

    ECHOES - The Newsletter of the EoCoE project,
    - Vol. 1, Issue 1, 10th February 2017.

    New: EoCoE Project deliverable: DOI
    Formulation for optimization under uncertainty,
    Cumpston, J.; Metzger, S.; Mitsos, A, Project end - September 30, 2018.

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